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Best places to spot black rhinos in Kenya
Best places to spot black rhinos in Kenya: A Kenya safari adventure is one of the best ways to view wild animals in their natural habitat which includes wildlife reserves, conservancies and national parks. The Big Five are the most sought after animals by most visitors seeking to discover the African wildlife. Among the big...
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Situated on the equator west of Nanyuki, between the foothills of Mount Kenya and the Aberdares, Ol Pejeta Conservancy works to conserve wildlife. It is home to the largest black rhino population in East Africa and also the last two remaining Northern white rhinos. One can engage in a number of unique adventure activities in...
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5 Days Mount Kenya Climbing Adventure Sirimon – Chogoria route
Top Routes to Mount Kenya: Mount Kenya, located in Central Kenya, is Africa’s second highest mountain after Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, with striking and eroded snow-capped peaks, which can be admired from miles away. The mountain is a circular, large symmetrical volcano cone whose diameter at the base is about 12 km. Mount Kenya has...
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The big five of Africa
Africa boasts of its abundant wealth in diverse flora and fauna that captures the hearts and minds of visitors to the continent. Africa is a lovely adventure destination to explore and marvel at the vast Savannah land, amazing wildlife and diverse culture. A few animals, however, have been awarded a very special term, the Big Five of...
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Facts About the Maasai People
Here are some facts about the Maasai People: The Maasai people are possibly the most famous ethnic group in East Africa. They are popular because they are one of the few ethic groups that have retained their culture and traditions. The majority of the Maasai inhabit the areas between the Southern Kenya and Northern Tanzania....
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6 Days Kenya Classic Wildlife Safari
Interesting Facts about the Elephants. The elephant is the largest mammal that lives on land. These amazing animals are a great attraction and contribute greatly to our tourism with every tourist yearning to sight these gentle giants in their natural habitat. They are also special since they are members of the so called “Big five“....
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Epic Places to Visit in Nairobi:Nairobi is the capital city of Kenya and also a very important hub in East Africa. The city is normally the starting point of many safari adventures across East Africa region. Nairobi used to be a watering place for the nomadic Maasai people as they herded their cattle. In the late 1890s Nairobi...
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Best places to see Elephants in Kenya
African elephants are the largest land mammals and they live mainly in the savanna or rain forests. The elephants are the most iconic wild animals to spot on an African safari in the wildlife parks or reserves. These gentle giants are also members of the so called ‘big five’. They have contributed to economic growth...
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5 reasons to visit East Africa East Africa offers breathtaking landscapes, adventure safaris, amazing cultures and stunning beaches, making it a top safaris and holiday destination. In East Africa you have the perfect adventure guaranteed. Here are 5 reasons to visit East Africa or why you should place it in your bucket list. Abundant Wildlife...
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Described by Kenya Wildlife Services as “Complete Wilderness,” Meru National Park is one of the least visited with an unspoilt feel of Kenya’s national parks. There are a number of fascinating things to do in Meru national park. All the big five are present, with an enclosed rhino sanctuary which has both the black and the white rhinos. The Northern Kenya special...
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