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Things to Know about Masai Mara

Things to Know about Masai Mara Masai Mara national reserve is one of the most visited reserves in Kenya. Here you’ll find things to know about Masai Mara, a reserve famous for its wealth in wildlife both predators and plain grazers. It is one tourist destination in Kenya that will always have a surprise for […]

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Epic Places to Visit in Nairobi

Epic Places to Visit in Nairobi:Nairobi is the capital city of Kenya and also a very important hub in East Africa. The city is normally the starting point of many safari adventures across East Africa region. Nairobi used to be a watering place for the nomadic Maasai people as they herded their cattle. In the late 1890s Nairobi […]


Best Kenyan Game Reserves to see the Big Cats

Best Kenyan Game Reserves to see the Big Cats Kenya is a year-round safari destination that offers amazing sightings of African wildlife including, the Big cats. The country boasts of diversity which includes enchanting landscapes with sweeping plains that are home to abundant wildlife and also hosts the best Kenyan game reserves to see the big cats.  There are […]


Amazing facts about the annual wildebeest migration

Amazing facts about the annual wildebeest migration One of the most unique natural phenomenon in the world is the annual wildebeest migration which takes place in both in Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya and Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. From the month of July to October is the best time to book your Masai Mara […]


Best Attractions in Aberdare National Park

Best Attractions in Aberdare National Park: The Park is a park situated about 100 km north of Nairobi and covers an area of just 766 km2 , stretching over a wide range of topography at altitudes ranging from 2 000 m to 4 000 m. The Park was established in May 1950 to protect the Aberdare Mountains […]


Best Things to do in Nanyuki

Best Things to do in Nanyuki From wildlife encounters to outdoor adventures, Nanyuki has something for every traveler, be it group of friends, couples or families. Discover our top picks for best things to do in Nanyuki in this travel guide. Nanyuki is a market town in Laikipia County, central part of Kenya lying northwest […]


Fun Things to do in Naivasha

Naivasha is a unique tourist destination on the floor of the Great Rift Valley with a variety of fun things to do for all types of adventure seekers. It’s proximity to Nairobi, makes it an excellent getaway location and you can also include it with any Kenya safari tour package. The distance from Nairobi to […]


Best Beaches in Kenya

Many tourists wishing to have a beach holiday in Kenya always ask this question: “Which are the Best Beaches in Kenya?” Kenya is a phenomenal beach holiday destination for any holiday maker interested in a tropical beach retreat where you’re assured of maximum relaxation and comfort. The Kenyan coast is lined with endless and pristine […]


Amazing facts about the Samburu Special Five

All kinds of wildlife exist in this wilderness north-east of Mount Kenya, but the most interesting are the special five herbivores found north of the equator and here we will cover amazing facts about the Samburu Special Five: Grevy’s zebra, gerenuk, reticulated giraffe, Beisa Oryx and the Somali ostrich. Samburu is a six-hour drive from […]


Best places to spot black rhinos in Kenya.

Best places to spot black rhinos in Kenya: A Kenya safari adventure is one of the best ways to view wild animals in their natural habitat which includes wildlife reserves, conservancies and national parks. The Big Five are the most sought after animals by most visitors seeking to discover the African wildlife. Among the big […]


Unique adventure activities in Ol Pejeta

Situated on the equator west of Nanyuki, between the foothills of Mount Kenya and the Aberdares, Ol Pejeta Conservancy works to conserve wildlife. It is home to the largest black rhino population in East Africa and also the last two remaining Northern white rhinos. One can engage in a number of unique adventure activities in […]

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