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Top Routes to Mount Kenya

5 Days Mount Kenya Climbing Adventure Sirimon – Chogoria route

Top Routes to Mount Kenya:

Mount Kenya, located in Central Kenya, is Africa’s second highest mountain after Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, with striking and eroded snow-capped peaks, which can be admired from miles away. The mountain is a circular, large symmetrical volcano cone whose diameter at the base is about 12 km. Mount Kenya has three peaks; Batian -5,199m, Nelion – 5,188m and Point Lenana – 4,985m. The mountain has other little known peaks such as Point Piggot -4957m, Point Dutton – 4885m and Point John – 4885m, that are ideal for beginners. The magnificent views over the surrounding region from point Lenana and other high points around the main peaks makes it popular among the mountain climbing enthusiasts. The area over 3200m is protected under Mount Kenya National Park. The lower forest surrounding the mountain support a large variety of wildlife such as elephant, buffalo, monkey, antelope, lion, zebra, eland, rock hyrax, giant forest hogs, leopard and various species of birds such as eagle, vulture, and sunbird among others.

The third highest peak, Point Lenana, is a popular reachable destination for trekking groups. However, Batian and Nelion peaks are difficult and may require more experienced and better equipped mountaineers to scale. The trek up mount Kenya is a beautiful expeditions adorned with views of numerous tarns and exotic vegetation such as lobelias and groundsels. The trekking requires good preparation, both mentally and physically.

Mount Kenya climbing routes

For mountain climbing enthusiasts, here you’ll several top routes to Mount Kenya Peaks.. Each route has its own advantages and disadvantages with differences in terrain, distance from peak, vegetation, difficulty and number of days required to get to the peak. There are three main climbing routes which include: Chogoria, Naromoru and Sirimon. The other less known and less used routes include Burget, Timau and Kamweti.

Chogoria Route

Chogoria is arguably the most scenic route to use. It has incredible features such as the spectacular Temple cliffs, the breathtaking Lake Ellis with scenic views of Mugi hills and the Giants Billiards table, Lake Michaelson, Nithi Falls, and Gorges Valley. You ultimately reach the hikers summit (Point Lenana). The Chogoria route starts from Chogoria town. A vehicle can be used for the 32Km distance from the forest gate to the main park gate which is already at an elevation of 2500m. To allow for acclimatization the whole trek takes 5 days. Once you reach point Lenana you can actually descend through any of the three routes.
For a slightly challenging trek with breathtaking views, Arrow Adventures normally recommends this route in our 5 days Mt.Kenya package with descent through Sirmon.

Naro Moru Route

Naromoru is the fastest route to Point Lenana, and also the most popular. The trekking starts at Naromoru Gate, 25km from Naro moru, at 2500m.
Met Station -3050m is where you spend the first night. Mackinders Camp -4200m where you spend the second night. On the third day you will depart at 2 am and head towards the peak from the south at the Austrian Hut 4790m. This route takes a comfortable 4 days to conquer poin Lenana and descend.

Sirimon Route

Sirimon route is 15 km north east of Nanyuki. It has the most gradual incline among the three main routes and thus is the best for acclimatization. This route has just a few steep areas hence considered the least challenging route.
From the park gate – 2300m you will pass through beautiful yellow wood forests which soon give way to alpine vegetation higher up to reach Old Moses Camp -3300m where you’ll spend your first night. The second day takes you through the moorland into Makinder’s Valley to reach Shiptons Camp -4200m. On the third day you’ll leave early morning and trek towards Austrian Hut. It is from here that you will approach the peak. You’ll enjoy captivating views of the tarns, valleys and the snow-covered peaks of the mountain. This route is best done in 3-4 days.
For best mountain climbing experience, we recommend the warm and dry months between January and March or between August and September.

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