Kenya Safari Tour Packages: Kenya is a year-round safari destination that offers amazing sightings of African wildlife including, the Big 5. Arrow Adventures Kenya offers you exceptional adventure experiences, whether you want to explore the wilderness in search of wildlife, mountain climbing or relax on the beach.

Choosing one of our Kenya safari tour packages is one of the best ways to view wild animals in their natural habitat, in wildlife reserves and national parks. The region has diversity which includes enchanting landscapes with sweeping plains providing refuge for particularly abundant and varied wild animals that roam freely. There are also majestic snow-capped mountains such as Mount Kenya (5199m), as well as tropical palm-fringed beaches along the Indian Ocean coast. The country is bisected by the Great Rift Valley from north to south.

Kenya’s national parks, reserves and other wildlife protection areas are all unique in their own way and they host some of the largest wildlife population in the world, making Kenya ‘the home of the safari.’ The diversity of wild animals in Kenya is simply astounding. There are numerous parks and reserves for your game viewing safaris. Most offer the opportunity to see the Big Five (lion, leopard, buffalo, elephant and rhino) along with most other savanna animals and bird life. Most spectacular is the annual wildebeest Migration in the Masai Mara, the Rift Valley with its unique features such as the lakes, Amboseli that boasts as the home of the gentle giants. Discover unique species in the north of the country known as the Samburu five. If you appreciate conservation then you’ll marvel at the great efforts being made to protect and conserve critically endangered species such as the Northern white rhinos in Ol pejeta Conservancy.

Kenya’s stunning Indian Ocean coastline is the ideal place for a beach holiday after days on a dusty safari. It is lined with a seemingly endless succession of pristine white sandy beaches. Indeed, for a country often billed as the ultimate home of the safari, Kenya can also lay claim to being one of the world’s great beach destinations.